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    3D mink lashes advantages & benifit
    ●100% hand-made: From the first step of the production process, it is handmade.
    ●Noticeable: 3D effect stereo, unique shape makes 3Dmink eyelashes make your eyes more noticeable
    ●Natural-looking: The raw materials are taken from the hair that mink animals naturally fall off, so they are worn on the eyes and blended with their own eyelashes.
    ●Wispy and fluffy: 3D lashes have a somewhat "layered" and dimensional effect, the lashes are combined with different sizes in length, mixing short and long lashes.
    ●Natural hair brightness: Mink eyelash raw materials are taken from mink animals, processed without chemical dyes, and the color is natural black.
    ●Extremely soft: Mink hair, like human hair, is all protein itself. It is as smelly as human hair through burning experiments.
    ●Lightweight: The advantage of natural animal hair, such as feathery lightness.
    Magic effect: the  heat and sun will work magic on your lashes and make your eyelashes more fluffy and three-dimensional.

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